The Role Of Ribbon In The Luxury Gift Box Packaging.

We all know that relatively expensive products are generally chosen to be wrapped in a gift box, but the types of gift boxesare also diverse, such as rigid gift box with lids, collapsible magnetic boxes, and custom folding paper boxes etc. While many gift boxes will choose ribbon as a necessary part. Because it has many functions.


1, Add the ribbon makes box more beautiful.

2, It can be used for pulling, easy to open the box.

3, It could make the box more distinctive.


No matter what kind of design you need, Chief Color will do our best to satisfy you. Please feel free to contact info@chiefcolor.com for any demand.


ribbon gift boxrigid box with ribbon

Paper Box Packaging In Food Industry

The paper box packaging has always occupied the mainstream packaging position of the food industry, because of its easy to open and close, and less harmful to the environment. Paper box has high strength; good moisture resistance; good printing, also the packaging technology has made great progress. Paper box has become a trend of packaging. The same is true for the food industry.


The demand for paper box packaging in the food industry is also becoming increasingly apparent.


1. Safety and health is the primary factor

The packaging safety is critical to food safety. Paper box, its hygiene and safety is one of the first factors to be considered by food industry. Food paper box must meet the basic requirements of non-polluting, sanitation and safety, whether indirect or direct contact with food. From the point of craftwork, we can focus on controlling the safety and hygiene of food packaging from raw paper, ink, varnish, lamination and adhesives.


2. The pursuit of colors, printing effects, designs

Pretty packaging will attract consumers. The current packaging for food, you will find the color is dazzling, the shape is unique, and logo is eye-catching. It is also necessary for food packaging to consider the economical efficiency and practicability. For example, the more spot colors are added, the effect is not necessarily better. In addition to increasing the cost, it is possible to cause the printing quality accidents and waste products.


Meanwhile the printing effect should also be carried out by more professional means. When consumers buy products of the same brand, if the color of packaging box is found to be different, the quality of the products may be doubted, which will greatly affect the brand. Therefore, paper material, ink, varnish, process flow should be ensured to meet the requirements of the user's printing color.


For design, the effects of special shapes box and display box are fully exerted. The conspicuous design of the special shaped box can stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. Additional, many food suppliers that use display box to directly show the candy, macaroon etc, like paper box with windows. Those packaging is used by more and more suppliers in food industry.


3. Firmer paste box is a constant pursuit

Regardless of the food, one of the most important requirements for paper box packaging is the firmness of the box gluing. If the paste box is not strong, it will lose the basic protection for food.


The firmness of paper box is affected by many factors, including the type of glue, the viscosity characteristics, the range of adaptation; the surface treatment of the printed matter; the local climatic conditions; the surface strength of the paper; the bonding force between the layers; and the drying speed of the glue, pressure of the adhesive box, curing time and so on. Therefore, these factors must be considered in the paste box, and different glues are selected or formulated according to different products and conditions.


Being in a paper packaging for more than 14 year, we have been manufactured many packaging solutions for food, we believed that we can be useful and helpful in your custom packaging projects.


Chocolate rigid set up boxe folding cake box

Stainless Steel Chilling Stones Ice Cubes Family!

Our factory are offering more and more options for you to choose.

Customized design(OEM project) is also welcome, we can support you to develop new item of stainless steel chilling stones in 15 days.

Differs from other factories who put water + alcohol into the cubes, our stainless steel ice cubes contain pure water + food grade glycerine inside which is more stable and safer.

Please contact us anytime at inquiry@wisdomhouseware.com when you have demands or inquiry! We are looking forward to cooperating with you! Thank you very much!

stainless steel whiskey stones

好きな「そば」は、何そば?How To Place Magnets For Each Magnetic Closure Box


A regular magnetic gift box usually has components jacket and tray. And there are some key elements: magnet and iron.

How to place magnets for each custom printed Magnetic Closure Box?


One foldable magnetic closure box may have 2 or 3 of magnets and iron plates. That counts 4 or 6 holes, even more. We have produced a large kraft magnetic foldable box (large magnetic collapsible box) with 14 holes to place all magnets and iron plates. It is really time-consuming to place the elements into each hole manually. So here is the super star---semi-automatic magnets applying machine!


We have two sets of this kind of machine to place magnets so as to enhance our production effect and cut the manual cost. We can set up  2 or 3 holes at the same time as long as the holes are all in same horizontal lines. You may be wonder what if the plates or irons drop out during manual handling? No need to worry, there is jelly glue dots applied when placing magnets and iron to a jacket which was pre-wrapped with outer wrapper.


We are a very competitive gift box manufacturer. We are producing all kind of luxury and rigid boxes with jackets and magnets, foldable rigid boxes, plus size collpasible boxes, hinged lid magnetic box.


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New Styles Ceramic Orchids Pots

Better-way offers a wide assortment of ceramic pots for your plants.ceramic planter, ceramic flower pot, pottery, stoneware, rustic pot, rustic orchid pot, clay pot, eco friendly, large ceramic pot for orchid.Better-way develop new styles according to the fashion colors and the special shape.

Today we would like to introduce the new ceramic orchids pots with the small flower. to you.Eco-friendly material ceramic,Surface is glossy, and we use the classical color white,with the warm color to embrace the spring returns to the earth. green,purple,orange colors are the refreshing and relaxing color. Better-way use the simple herald the coming of spring.


Gifts for the Dad who has everything

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Father’s Day in 2018 is falling on June 17th, this coming Sunday, what are you going to buy for your dear daddy as a gift? Wisdom vacuum jugs and stainless steel ice cubesmight be a good choice!

Wisdom Housewares has many different styles different designs of stainless steel vacuum thermal jugs you can choose. They can keep hot or cold for quite a long time, up to 12 – 24 hours! When dear daddy comes back home from work, he can enjoy a cup of hot coffee with the vacuum jugs, he will feel warm from the heart because of your love!

thermos vacuum coffee jug


Wisdom stainless steel ice cube is made of #304 food grade stainless steel, which is reusable, durable and dishwasher safe, use to chill drinks like beer/whiskey/vodka/spirit/coca cola/fruit juice etc. in a short time. With non-toxic gel inside which will extend the chilling time. These tasteless and none-reactive ice cubes will retain the cold and flavor of your drinks, never dilute, rust or corrode them, retain your drink 100% of its original tastes. It helps father enjoy his cold drinks in the hot summer days!

stainless steel ice cubesChilling Ice Cubes Set

Stainless Steel Chilling Stones


To view more details, please browse www.wisdomhouseware.com, thank you very much!




Our Main Silicone Rubber Products And Capacity

Our Main Silicone Rubber Products and Capacity

We have strong technology power and advanced examination equipments. Our products not only completely reach the National Standard, but also have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Our products are popular in the domestic marker, at the same time, we enjoyed a good reputation from the foreign customers. The products are extensively used to mining, metallurgical, oil, project machinery and chemical industry.

We will forever insist on the tenet: Man-oriented, Self- confidence and Self- reliance, Continuous enterprise, and Never self-satisfaction. The quality principle is: do our best to meet customers' requests, offer our best products and perfect service. We are looking forward to establish a friendly, and sincere business relationship with you.

We provide prototype service design and prototype parts manufacturing. Our main silicone rubber plastic products are rubber bushing press, rubber bellow, rubber seal gasket, rubber seals for doors, rubber metal bonded parts, rubber grommet plug, wire rubber grommet, rubber bag tag, rubber sink flange gasket, rubber gasket ring, foam rubber seal gasket, rubber sleeve bushing, plastic base for shed, rubber elbow fittings, hand sanitizer silicone holder, memory foam ball of foot cushion etc, which can be molded by vulcanizing machine. Meanwhile, we can supply rubber tube home depot or plastic wire strap, plastic tube pipe hose, plastic spring hose, plastic worm gear. Colors cords etc which are extruded by machine. All are characteristic with light weight, small size, long live, high quality, and low price, which is used widely in the medical, food, electronic, electrical appliances, the machinery, the plastic, the hardware and the high tech domain etc.

Rubber plastic parts for auto aftermarket parts & Window doors. By materials:EPDM, PVC, ABS. and widely applied on vehicle, Building, Machinery, rubber plastic parts covering: rubber sealing strips, Mudflap, Air filters, Lamp, wheel cover, steeling wheel etc. Meanwhile we can design new product upon sample or drawing. Specially for after market replacement for American trucks and Japan tractors.

Some manufacturers look irresponsible short-term interests, started from unfair competition (the so-called shoddy, shoddy, plasticizers used in place of high-quality waste oil, the rest of the oil refinery base, etc.) raw material aspects, the majority of consumers a lot of hidden dangers. Door production process, put the seal of proportion is small, but its role has not be ignored.lationship with you.

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Many Kinds Of Acrylic Tissue Boxes

1. Acrylic Hinged-Lid Boutique Tissue Box

The Customized Acrylic Hinged-Lid Boutique Tissue Box is a modern interpretation of the classic style, with a liftable lid that makes refills easy. The oval opening invites guests to help themselves, and it coordinates with our acrylic organizers for a clean, cohesive look on a vanity or countertop.
To clean, use water or Ethanol.

2. Customized Acrylic Slide Lid Tissue Box

Store your tissues in style with this modern acrylic tissue holder ugly flowery . The storage box has black side panels and a crystal clear top and bottom with simple design.
Made of Premium quality acrylic shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage.
A perfect match for any modern decor in your home, work, bathroom setting.
Black Acrylic side panels and a crystal clear Acrylic top and bottom with a removable top to allow tissue refills.

3.Customized multifunctional products transparent acrylic tissue box

This kind of multifunctional products transparent acrylic tissue box has two lower layers structure, the upper layer is the tissue box, the lower layer with drawer can be used for organizers your stationery, cosmetics, etc.
Acrylic multifunctional tissues boxes will make your office desk looks more Using the upper and lower layered structure, the upper layer is the tissue box, the lower layer can be used for organizers the stationery, cosmetics, etc.
This kind of acrylic multifunctional tissues boxes will make your desk looks more clean and tidy. For size: accept customized
Shape: square ,rectangle and round shape or customized Color: clear,black,white or customized

How about the acrylic picture frame

The main advantage of acrylic picture frame.

1.Good oxidation resistance
Can be placed in each space will not be damaged, according to different needs to add different colors, so that more acrylic photo frame style, choose more.

2.Good shape, not brittle
Compared with ordinary photo frame, acrylic photo frame has great advantages in shaping. It can be used in a variety of modeling options without excess material consumption. The cost of photo frame will not be reduced. The finished acrylic photo frame will not be like Glass is so fragile and easy to save.

3.Good light transmission and strong resistance
Compared with the plastic photo frame, acrylic photo frame is light translucent, can be used in dust-proof, because the acrylic frame is not fragile, so the resistance is better, will not produce a wide range of debris.

You are interested in acrylic picture frame,acrylic photo frame, acrylic cube photo frame, transparent acrylic photo frame, you can click here to learn more information.

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A sport activity to sweat the release of energy | Sp-tent

July 27, in the exclusive season of the exercise, in order to call sports enthusiasts to explore sports creativity and sports nature, sports brand Adidas launch an extensive exercise campaign for the general public in Shanghai Century Park, which effort to create creative sports country.

After the success of this global advertising and the exercise campaign in China, Adidas, for the first time, created a one-month free sport activity to offer opportunities to participate in various sports and witness the world-class athletes. The main activity includes basketball, football, running and training, etc., so that everyone can be in the movement, sweat the release of energy.

4,500 square meters of sports venues include private stadiums, interactive space, playgrounds and exhibition halls, to encourage people to participate in various sports and competition activities. Full air conditioning coverage, to the movement of the perfect experience. The mobile tents provide a wide range of outdoor space for this activity to avoid bad weather, and the Songpin Tent also can provide you such professional tents.

Songpin Tent is a professional tent manufacturer in China, the main products are party tent, wedding tent, sport tent, exhibition tent, warehouse tent, pagoda tent, tension tent and any other related tent accessories. We will be from the demand and result of the activities to provide you with the most suitable activities tent program, which will help you create a spectacular event!